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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Evolution Groupware

Evolution groupware is probably Windows' most needed software. There is simply a lack of good Personal Information Managers (PIM) in Windows. Sure, Outlook is great. But it is also lacking in several key areas.
  • It doesn't support IMAP folders well.
  • It doesn't thread IMAP requests (results in everything freezing while it looks for new mail).
  • It is slow and bulky.
But, apart from that, it does the job quite well.

Thunderbird is a great mail client. However, it doesn't have a calendar. There are projects building a calendar for Thunderbird. But, they are far from complete.

I have discovered people who are porting Evolution to Windows. However, they are also in very early stages. If only they could hurry up before I go crazy and switch to Linux.



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