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Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Firefox Ads ... and Comments


How come the guys desk was dirty before, with a lack of any computer, and then when Firebox came along, the desk was all cleared, a laptop appeared and the guy suddenly wore glasses? And what did Firefox have to do with anything?

Go go gadget Firebox!


This looks more like a 'personals' ad.
fast, strong, style.. what are you waiting for.. call me... now.

Is that Gunther?

Wow, that was bad on so many levels.

In short. A guy uses firefox, throws papers on floor, uses firefox again then gets coffee... Obviously a call to all the coffee lovers out there.

winner! this person is the winner! that is so awesome. DUDE. are you from another country, or are you speaking in a funny accent? WOW! nay, WOWZERS! keep it up. the world is crazy.

Haha, what an accent.

Cute girl

Super Fox!!!

Soooo creepy... :/


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