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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google = Flea Market?

The way Google does e-commerce seems very ad-hoc. Google's services such as Google Base and Google Video can be compared to a large flea market. While, Amazon, iTunes Music Store and even eBay retain some resemblance to a regular store.

Some points common to the Google offerings
  • Anyone can upload items
  • Little moderation
  • Plain sterile interface
  • Little information regarding sellers
Compared to other online stores
  • Items sold are tightly controlled
  • Diverse interface (especially iTunes)
  • Much information regarding sellers
Considering these points it is clear that buying from Google is like buying from Market City, Sydney. While iTunes may be compared to David Jones.

Online shopping is still in its infancy. I am undecided which method will be more successful in the future. However, Google stores aren't very appealing currently as there the same trust in the seller found in other stores.


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