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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Linux Experiences

I gave Kubutnu Dapper Flight 6 a try last night, possibly out of boredom or exam stress.

My expereiences were similar to my pervious ones with linux. This operating system felt unfinished. It was as if I needed to spend a few hours on it to make it useable. Although, I should forgive it since it is an Alpha release. But, this has been the same case for other final releases of Linux.

This time I had some new thoughts though. The premier groupware application on linux, Evolution Groupware, is designed for Gnome. The premier messaging app, Gaim, is designed for Gnome. You can even say Gimp is designed for Gnome. This is all because Gnome uses te GTK+ toolkit for graphics while KDE uses Qt. KDE does come with many productivity apps, but these all seem second class to the ones offered to Gnome bar a few exceptions, such as AmaroK.

These problems don't bode well for Linux. KDE is by far the more featureful desktop environment. However, the application support is poor. Gnome is less popular. However, it has great applications for it.

These problems need to be fixed soon for Linux to become a viable consmer platform.


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